HLx01: Mira Calix Tribute.


Also known as: Mira Calix Remixes.
16 October 2004.
01 (!)
No Label.
XX. Unknown (we don't remember)

-Unique cd-r donated to Chantal Passamonte (aka Mira Calix), it contained various remixes of some of her tracks by various hamsters (Koulomek, Ostranenie, Katatsumuri, Ashbrg).
-The computer containing the master of this cd blew up and burned a few weeks after the first and only pressing, so there's only one copy of this release... even the authors of these remixes don't have a copy of HLx01. Curiosity: a similar accident ocurred to Chantal's Power Mac 6100 (her first computer, she wrote her first album "One On One" with that) while she was doing a remix; "I pressed record, and it exploded. It went bap! And, literally, smoke came out". She was lucky enough to actually record the sound of the explosion on DAT, so she would be able to use it in a posterior remix.
-HLx01 was given to Chantal after her live set at LEM 2004 in Barcelona, 16 october 2004, along with a copy of HL001. She was very kind.
-We don't remember the tracklist (!), but we remember that there was a remix of "skin with me" by Ashbrg, also were some cocktail/tuttifrutti mixes by Katatsu, cutups by Ostranenie and a reharmonization by Koulomek... but there were some more tracks...
-Mira Calix has been an important inspirational figure for Hamsterloco, there are even tracks named after her (see tracklist for Ashbrg's "Are We Still in the Game?").

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